lost heart tour

senin, 21 februari 2011, 06.30 wib..

setelah road trip yang cukup menggelikan dari jogja-malang-surabaya-jogja sejak awal weekend kemarin, pagi ini dibuka dengan mie instant goreng telur dadar di burjo langganan. setiap suapan diselingi chat dengan ibu negara yang alhasil membuat kuping ini ingin segera memutar lost heart tour-nya anak-anak rocket rockers.

from all the promises
I have to through it on the phone
this is the only job and I promise I’m coming home

and time is running slow
its been a week turn the last thin’
you’ve been busy with your job
I’m still holding my guitar stage by stage

as I far from home
stay on the bus
I can’t sleep at night without you here
laying next to me

so please forgive me
you have to trust me
let the way again and I’ll be singing about you

this month I would be on tour
and I’m sorry I’m sorry
cause I’ve never been that by your side
when you really need me

wish this hadn’t be so hard
it sucks when we’ve to be apart
and you know
the one thing you have to know
that my heart is yours, girl

kurang lebih itu yang dirasa..nuhun buat kang bisma dkk..YOU GUYS ROCK!! and i promise i’m coming home!


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